eWomen Network contributes $6,000 to help new moms at HerWay Home

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Jane Johnston, managing director of the Victoria Chapter of the eWomenNetwork presents Linda Hughes, Children's Health CEO, with a generous gift of $6,000.

September 18, 2015
Children's Health Foundation is grateful to the Victoria chapter of the eWomenNetwork for their generous support of HerWay Home, a foundation-funded program that helps pregnant women and new mothers who struggle with substance use issues. The focus of this women's business group is women helping women—a great fit for supporting HerWay Home. Their grant of $6,000 embodies this spirit and will be used to support local women to have healthy babies.

In 2014/2015, the HerWay Home program helped 70 women (the majority were in recovery). There were 18 births and fewer than 25% of the babies were affected by their mothers' use of substances. We are truly inspired by the eWomenNetwork's compassion and generosity to ensure these babies receive the earliest intervention possible.

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