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Why Us?

How can BeGiving help us raise money and awareness?

We’re so glad you asked! We know fundraising takes a lot of time, effort and resources. What if it could be simple, affordable and even fun? We think it can. BeGiving is a new way to give. We make it easy for both you and your supporters to raise money & share your story through your collective social media networks.

How does it work?

It’s easy! People can buy and sell goods and give the proceeds to charity or donate cash directly to your cause in a safe and dedicated fundraising marketplace. You can promote free or ticketed events, sell those donated items that may be gathering dust and taking up valuable office space and tell your story with your own BeGiving blog. And to make sure you get the opportunity to thank your followers, you’ll get the contact information for every buyer and seller who helps your cause.

How do we tell people about our charity on BeGiving?

We’ve built social media into our site from the ground up. Once you set up your charity on BeGiving, you can use our sharing tool to tell your friends and family through email, Facebook and Twitter how they can help. Also, every charity page, item, event, service and story is likeable, shareable and followable. This social sharing is just another way your fundraising efforts can gain exposure through BeGiving. One more thing... We take any opportunity to brag about our charities with our bi-weekly newsletter and through our social media platforms. We’re passionate about charitable giving and want to do our part to get your message out. Charity lives here.

The Fine Print

No cost, no fees.

There is no cost to have your charity on BeGiving. We don’t charge any monthly or yearly fees. Only when you receive a donation (either cash or when an item posted on your behalf sells) do we make any money, meaning your success is our success. When a donation is made through BeGiving, two fees are paid: Stripe, our credit card payment processor, charges 2.9% +.30 for each transaction. And we charge 15% of the donation amount. This reflects our promotion, hosting, maintenance and development of the site.


Hopefully you aren’t shy!

We tend to be a pretty passionate group, especially about charities. So, don’t be surprised if we feature you in our newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to let us know if you’re having an event or if there is a special someone you want to recognize. We Canadians are a pretty generous group and once a need is uncovered, we’ll look for any way to help. Raise money. Raise awareness. BeGiving!

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