Free turkey dinner!

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If you are alone, new to town, low on funds or simply want to experience a magical, family oriented Christmas Day, please join us for a free turkey dinner at the 24th Annual Christmas Spirit Community Dinner! Registration required.

What: A FREE hot turkey feast including a fabulous array of homemade desserts, goodies and beverages. We also have a heated, outdoor BBQ including delicious bratwursts, coffee, desserts and more. BBQ hours: 11:30 AM until 5 PM!

Who: Everyone Welcome!

When: Thursday, December 25th with 2 sittings: noon or 3pm. Registration in advance is required! See contact info at the end of this post.

Where: Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church * 1800 Quadra Street x Caledonia

*Our society has its own contact information; please call us, not the church.

For adult guests without children, please provide:
Your name & contact information
Total number of people in your party
Sitting preferred: noon or 3:00 pm
Guests without children will not be called back. See you on The Big Day!

For adult guests with children, we will need the following information:
Your name & contact information
Name and age of each child attending and proper spelling of names
Total number of people in your party
Please email us or call 250-472-1040 so we can match your child with a Secret Santa

Don't have email or a call back number? Please call 250-472-1040 and leave a message. Please:
1. Leave your name and children's names, ages clearly.
2. Spell children's names if it is an unusual spelling or name.
3. List your preference of the noon or 3pm sitting and number of people in your party.
4. Call us back until you get us live if possible - we would like to match your kids up with a Secret Santa so we need to know some details about sizes, what they would like etc.

Volunteers: We are looking for self starters to join our team early December. You have email and can commit time to generating the Dinner prior to the event. You can attend at least one orientation meeting.
Yours in health and happiness,

Christina and the CSCD Society

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