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The Bipolar Babe concept has a true grassroots history started by Andrea Paquette, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her mid-twenties. She created a Bipolar Babe t-shirt and to share her personal story, so others did not have to suffer in silence like she did. Andrea's efforts of presenting mental health presentations in the classrooms and the community while igniting the Teens2Twenties support group with youth in her basement suite for those with mental health challenges. Her efforts led to her meeting supportive and dedicated individuals who later formed the Board for the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC.

The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC is the umbrella organization for the Bipolar Babe project and is a registered non-profit since January 2010 receiving charitable status 6 months later in a mere 29 days . Our society holds great promise and has been impactful in the local, provincial, and national mental health community. The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC has designed programs providing mental health awareness, education and peer support in hopes of eliminating societal/self-stigma and unwarranted fears of mental illness with a special focus on youth.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Creating a world of understanding, empathy and acceptance, where people with mental illness are included as equal contributing members in all spheres of society.

Stomp out the stigma of mental illness through awareness, education and support.

• Knowledge, understanding, education and support
• Respect, dignity and integrity
• Open dialogue
• Community – partnerships and collaboration
• Grass roots leadership
• Facilitating self-empowerment, self- esteem, self-worth and self-determination
• Resiliency
• Transparency, accountability, authenticity and honesty
• Inclusion of lived experiences

Remember, no matter what our challenges, we can all live extraordinary lives. Visit us at :)

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